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Intercultural Peacebuilding Program

Intercultural Peace Building Major

Inspired by the unique founding mission of the university that students who graduate from BYU-Hawaii will be "influences toward the establishment of peace internationally", the Intercultural Peacebuilding major (IPB) emphasizes theories of harmony, cross-cultural leadership and negotiation, and conflict resolution and transformation at the interpersonal, community and international levels. It also highlights the spiritual components of these areas such as forgiveness and reconciliation. The major draws on a broad range of theories from the academic disciplines of anthropology, communications, cultural studies, political science, psychology, history, economics, and international law. Additionally, the major provides practical tools like mediation, facilitation and NGO creation in real world projects connected to the David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding to give students a skill base to compliment their theoretical learning.

Peacebuilding Certificate

The Intercultural Peacebuilding certificate, seeks to refine and mold the potential of BYU–Hawaii graduates to influence peace at home, in the workplace, in communities and throughout the world.

Taking advantage of the unique learning laboratory the BYU–Hawaii provides, the Intercultural Peacebuilding certificate emphasizes theories of harmony, cross cultural leadership and negotiation, and conflict resolution transformation. Its lab work and service learning component provide students with a toolbox of practical skills like mediation, facilitation, cross-cultural negotiation and field experience that not only allows them to practice and test theories, but also encourages them to give back to the community, train others and prepare themselves to be a force for good upon their return to their home countries.