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Alumni Stories


Chris Pineda: Following the Call

There are many majors in college that set you on a path to professional success. For example, if you study accounting you are most likely going to be an accountant and there are many firms in place to hire you there. If you go to law school, you’re probably going to be a lawyer and there are many jobs for you there as well. For Peacebuilders, it is a little bit different. Peacebuilders have a unique position in life where a path is not systematically set for them, they must blaze their own trail so to speak. The reason being is that often times people are not aware of what Peacebuilders can do and it is our job to show them. One such Peacebuilder is BYU-Hawaii alumnus, Chris Pineda. After developing his Peacebuilding skills in the professional world, he created a job for himself that allows him to follow the vision of David O. McKay to spread peace internationally through his own community. Read Full Story
BYU-Hawaii is unique because it’s position makes it a perfect destination for students to attend school from all over the Pacific. Michael Ligaliga is one such person who came from Samoa to attend Brigham Young University- Hawaii. While attending BYUH, Michael was in the student leadership program and after graduation, he became a professor for the Peacebuilding program. Now, he is a recent graduate with a Ph.D. from the University of Otago, being the first Pacific Islander to graduate with a Ph.D. from his university. We had the privilege of catching up with Michael to hear his Peacebuilding journey of helping the Pacific with the conflicts they face. Read Full Story

Katie Bak

Katie Bak, a recent graduate of the Intercultural Peacebuilding Program at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, tells of her affair in finding a career, post-graduation, where she is able to support herself practically while also pursuing her passion in creating a less divisive world. She has succeeded thus far, and is loving what she is doing while living in Europe! The skills she has obtained through the Peacebuilding professors of the McKay Foyer have benefited her immensely, and she now teaches these principles to people from all over the globe! Read about her story through her compelling article titled “The Unicorn in a Business Vest.” Read Full Story

Kayla Helm

Kayla Helm is a more recent graduate of the Intercultural Peacebuilding Program. We wanted to get her insights and find out what she’s been up to since graduating with the Intercultural Peacebuilding Degree! Read her story to learn a little bit more about the application of Peace in her world. Read Full Story

Zach Tilton

Read about Peacebuilding Alumni, Zach Tilton! He has amazing insight to share on the things he's been able to do post graduation, and how the Intercultural Peacebuilding program at BYUH has impacted his life! Read Full Story

Jone Vavaloa Temo

BYU–Hawaii graduate, Jone Vavaloa Temo, returns to his homeland to work as a peacebuilder. He shares with us his story and how he is establishing peace. Read Full Story

James Byun

Read about James Byun, a BYUH alumnus, and the work he is doing in the peacebuilding field with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan. Read Full Story