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Conflict-Related Graduate Programs

  • levels -- intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational and international. It is heavily interdisciplinary drawing on traditions such as psychology, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, religious studies, history, etc. It also explores a variety of techniques that go beyond management of conflict toward sustainable resolution and transformation. Lately, the world peacebuilding has taken on a more prominent role in describing these programs.

    George Mason University*M.A. & PhD., Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution (ICAR)

    University Notre DameThe Joan Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution and International Peace Studies

    University of San Diego*MA in Peace and Justice StudiesGeorgetown University*MA in Conflict Resolution

    Columbia UniversityMA in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    University of Oregon*MA in Conflict Resolution

    Eastern Mennonite U.*M.A. Conflict Transformation

    Brandeis University*MA in Coexistence and Conflict

    University of WisconsinMA in Sustainable Peacebuilding

    University of Denver*MA in Conflict Resolution

    Creighton University*MA in Justice and Peace Studies

    American UniversityMA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

    Portland State U.*MA in Conflict Resolution

    Antioch UniversityMA in Conflict Resolution

    Southern Methodist University (Texas)MA in Dispute Resolution

    Syracuse UniversityCertificate of Advanced Study in Conflict Resolution

    Emory UniversityDevelopment Practice

    University of Hawaii*Political Science, spec. in Conflict Resolution

    University N. CarolinaSchool of Government, Public Dispute Resolution Program

    University of N. Carolina – GreensboroMA in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution

    Duquesne UniversityMA in Conflict Resolution
  • Peace studies is an academic field which identifies and analyzes the violent and nonviolent behaviors as well as the structural mechanisms attending social conflicts with a view towards understanding those processes, which lead to a more desirable human condition. It typically focuses on managing conflict between large groups. It is usually an interdisciplinary effort aiming at the prevention, de-escalation, and management of conflicts, in contrast to war studies, which has as its aim the efficient attainment of victory in conflicts. Disciplines involved usually rely heavily on political science and international relations.

    Stanford University*MA in Peace Studies

    Georgetown*MA and PhD in Security Studies or PhD in Diplomacy

    UC-Berkley*MA Peace and Conflict Studies

    UC-San Diego*MA Peace Studies

    Tufts University*MA in Law & Diplomacy

    Cornell UniversityMA in Peace Studies and International Development

    Columbia UniversityMA in International Affairs

    Duke UniversityMasters of International Development Policy with concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Johns Hopkins U.MA in Conflict Management

    UC DavisMA in War & Peace Studies

    George WashingtonMA Internationalist Program in the Peace Corp

    St. John’s UniversityMA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    University of Utah*Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • While multiple definitions of ADR abound, in essence, ADR is an alternative to the adversarial process that dominates litigation in the U.S. courts and justice systems. ADR uses such techniques as arbitration, mediation and negotiation in an attempt to resolve disputes. In other words, ADR is a non-coercive alternative to the legal system that uses third parties interveners. For many, it was seen as a more humane version of the U.S. legal system.

    Harvard UniversityMA in Negotiation

    Tuft’s Fletcher School of Diplomacy*MA in Law and Diplomacy

    Pepperdine University *School of Public Policy, Joint MA of Dispute Resol. & Public Policy

    Marquette UniversityMA in Dispute Resolution

    University of MissouriSchool of Law, LLM in Dispute Resolution

    Ohio State UniversityInternational Studies program, Spec. Peace Studies

    University Massachusetts.MA Program in Dispute Resolution

    Rutgers U.Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    Creighton University*M.A. in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • Typically, these schools are Peace Studies schools … though there are a few exceptions

    University for Peace (Costa Rica)*MA in Peace Education, MA in Media, Conflict and Peace Studies, MA in Gender and Peacebuilding, MA in International Peace Studies; MA in Natural Resources and Peace

    University of Otaga (New Zealand)*MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    University of Queensland (Australia)*MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Tel Aviv University (Israel)*MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    London School of Economics (England)*MA and PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Trinity College (Ireland)*PhD in Reconciliation Studies

    University of Bradford (England)*MA and PhD in Peace Studies

    University of Kent at Canterbury (England)*MA and PhD in International Conflict Analysis

    University of Ulster (Northern Ireland)*MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Bancaja International Centre for Peace and Development (Spain)MA in Peace and Development Studies

    Bar Ilan University (Israel)MA in Conflict Resolution

    City University of Hong KongMA in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

    Coventry University (England)MA in Peace and Reconciliation Studies

    Kings College -- Department of War Studies (England)MA in International Conflict Studies

    European University (Austria)MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Göteborg University (Sweden)MA in Peace Studies

    Hebrew University (Israel)MA in Conflict Resolution

    Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)MA and PhD in Peace and Security Studies

    Kyung Hee University (Korea)Graduate Institute of Peace Studies

    Lancaster University (England)MA in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

    Landegg International University (Switzerland)MA in Conflict Resolution

    Mindanao State University (Philippines)MS in Peace and Security Studies

    Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan)MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    University of London (England)MA in Violence, Conflict and Development

    University of Natal (South Africa)*MA and PhD in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

    University of Sydney (Australia)MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    University of Western Cape (South Africa)MA in Conflict Studies

    Uppsala University (Sweden)*MA in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • A range of schools here, but all programs are 100 percent online or require short residencies

    George Mason (SCAR)MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    University of PeaceMA in Sustainable Peace

    University of North Carolina Greensboro*MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Cal State University – Dominguez HillsMA in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

    Creighton University*M.A. in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

    University of DenverMA Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Abiliene Christian UniversityMA in Conflict Resolution

    Dominican UniversityMA in Conflict Resolution

    University of the RockiesMA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution
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